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Overhaul of fuel pumps and injectors

The foundation of C. Renes BV has been the repair of fuel pumps and injectors. We have more than 60 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to overhauling fuel pumps and injectors. In addition to the latest diesel technologies, such as piezo, common rail and pump injectors, line fuel pumps from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder and rotary/distributor fuel pumps are also in good hands with us. Our working area is mainly in the maritime and industrial application, followed by agricultural mechanization, transport and truck sector and the automotive industry.

How does the overhaul of fuel pumps and injectors work?

Fuel pumps and injectors are taken apart, the various parts are assessed and replaced where necessary. We only do this with original parts. After disassembly and assembly in accordance with the method prescribed by the manufacturer, all components are tested and adjusted where necessary. Adjustment is also based on the test data provided by the manufacturer or sometimes at customer's request. We have the best test equipment for common rail and unit injectors for which IMA codes or correction codes must be generated. Our various test benches are from the Bosch and Hartridge brands and are calibrated annually.

In concrete terms, we repair and test:

  • Line fuel pumps from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder
  • Rotary/distributor fuel pumps
  • Common rail fuel pumps
  • Common rail/piezo injectors
  • Unit injectors from Bosch and Delphi
  • Conventional atomizers

Always the best advice

We can do a lot, but we don't have all disciplines in-house. The market for a component is sometimes so small or specific that it is not worthwhile to purchase expensive test equipment which could be delivered by a colleague Bosch service. In consultation, we will refer you or send your parts to this colleague Bosch service to be able to help you anyway.

Old or rare fuel pumps

Fuel pumps for older and/or rarer applications can also be repaired by us. Consider, for example, petrol line fuel pumps from Bosch. This is not everyday fare, but it is part of our work. We also convert fuel pumps with mechanical control to electronic control by means of GAC.

In the field of diesel technology, we represent the brands: Robert Bosch, Stanadyne and Delphi.

More information?

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Overhaul of fuel pumps or injectors,
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