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Overhaul of starter motors and alternators

Overhauling starter motors and alternators has been part of our activities since the 1960s. Components are taken apart and the various parts are assessed. Because there are almost always parts that can be reused, revision is often cheaper than purchasing a new component. In addition to the fact that it is financially attractive to have something overhauled with us, there is also a social point of view. After all, you reuse parts, so you use less raw materials. So better for the planet.

Overhauled starter motors and alternators are as good as new

Our remanufactured starter motors and alternators can compete with new parts in terms of quality. We also think this is a condition, we see everything that leaves our workshop as a business card, so we only give products that we support ourselves. It is possible that revision becomes more expensive than purchasing a new component. We will of course keep an eye on this and advise where necessary. There is almost always a solution.

Large stock of exchange parts, also in the heavier segment

Because we have a maritime impact, it is precisely the starter motors and alternators in the heavier segment and in the double-pole, insulated or mass-free angle that we have come to the right place. We have an active and large stock of exchange parts for this. You can also find our starter motors and alternators in industry, the national government, the agricultural sector, the transport sector and the automotive sector.

Starter motors and alternators for vintage cars

We can often repair starter motors and alternators for old-timer applications for you. Giving a price for this in advance by e-mail or by telephone is difficult, because these are often unusual components. It is then desirable to come by after consultation, so that we can help you in a targeted way. Unfortunately, we can no longer repair starter motors and alternators that work on 6v.

Top level service

We think service is important and as far as we are concerned, this goes beyond a repair or delivery. We are happy to advise you.
We have our own delivery service for the business market. Picking up and returning the repair is therefore no problem.

More information?

You can drop by with a (disassembled) broken starter motor and/or alternator without an appointment. Do you want to know more? Get in touch >

Brands of starter motors and alternators that we repair and/or supply:

Bosch, BUTEC, CAV, Delco Remy, Delphi, Ducellier, Femsa, Hitachi, Iskra, Leece Neville, Lucas, Magneti Marelli, Mitsubishi, Monark, Motocraft, Motorola, NIKKO, Nippon Denso, Pal (Magnetron), Paris Rhone, Prestolite, Sawafuji, Valeo and so on.

Overhaul of starter motors and alternators,
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