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Overhaul of starter motors and alternators

Assessing and overhauling the starting and charging system of an engine is a large part of our work.
We bring starter motors and alternators to the best condition. Price/quality must be in good proportion. We have an extensive stock of exchange parts, which enables us to immediately help the customer through our exchange system.
You have also come to the right place for starter motors and alternators in the heavy segment, whether or not mass-free for, for example, industry and shipping applications.

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Our daily work consists of overhauling:

  • Line fuel pumps from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder.
  • Rotary/distributor fuel pumps.
  • Common rail fuel pumps.
  • Common rail/piezo injectors.
  • Unit injectors.
  • Conventional atomizers.
  • Starters.
  • Alternators.

In addition, you can contact us for:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of fuel injectors.
  • Conversion of line fuel pumps from mechanical to electronic control by means of GAC.
  • Purchase and sale of fuel injection test equipment.
  • Delivery of parts.

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